Gerd Heuschmann Clinic


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One day clinic with Dr  Gerd Heuschmann – 15th May 2022, Thornton California

Equitopia invites you to a one-day event with Dr Gerd Heuschmann.



Date: May 15

Location: Equitopia Center 28102 Thornton Rd, Thornton, CA 95686

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Dr Gerd Heuschmann is a renowned trainer, author, clinician and founding member of Xenophon.

Gerd Heuschmann Clinic

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann trained as a Bereiter (master rider) in Germany before attending veterinary school at Munich University. There he specialized in equine orthopedics for two years before accepting a post as the head of the breeding department at the German FN, which he eventually left to start his own practice in Warendorf.

Dr Heuschmann has been an active member of the hyperflexion (Rollkur) debate, weighing in at numerous symposiums and workshops around the world, as well as writing the bestselling books Tug of War and Balancing Act, and creating the DVD If Horses Could Speak.

Along with Klaus Balkenhol and other prominent figures in the dressage community, Dr. Heuschmann is a founding member of Xenophon, an organization dedicated to fighting against serious mistakes in equestrian sport (

Spectators tickets available for $35.

This is an opportunity to learn from someone who has devoted their whole life to studying and learning about the correct biomechanical approach to training horses and riders.