Equitopia Webinar July




Webinar: Improving Your Horse's Day-to-Day Life

25th July – 9AM Pacific; 5PM UK

🥕What does your horse’s day look like when you’re not there?

🥕 Is your horse happy and thriving when you aren’t around?

🥕 What sustainable changes can we make to help our horses live their best lives?

Even when we can visit our horses every day, the reality is that it is just a small portion of their day-to-day life. How your horse lives and spends their days can make all the difference in their happiness and health.

Join Adele Shaw, CEBC to discuss these questions and discover effective, practical, and sustainable ways to make a difference for your horse so that you can rest easy knowing your horse is happy and content even when you can’t make it out to the barn.

The challenge of keeping horses in optimal form is inevitable, equipping yourself with the knowledge required to implement a welfare-centered solution is optional.

Equitopia provides equine professionals who believe in welfare centric horsemanship, a one-stop-shop for research-based online courses and resources that you can trust.

About the Presenter: Adele Shaw, CEBC

Adele Shaw is an internationally recognized behavior consultant, mentor and trainer focused on creating a positive relationship between horses and humans through science-based training and care practices

As she connects with students across the globe, Adele remains dedicated to making information on behavioral science, positive reinforcement, LIMA
principles, humane hierarchy, and species appropriate care practices accessible and achievable for every horse owner through her business, The Willing Equine.

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