Equitopia Webinar December 2023


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Part 2 (part 1 is available on the Equitopia platform for members)

Do you know how rib cage entrapments affect whole horse health?

Join Christy DiColla, REI-approved therapist to learn how balancing the rib cage can  help with common ailments, including:

  • Chronic spine and joint pathologies
  • Saddle fit issues
  • Thoracic sling engagement
  • High/low hoof syndrome
  • Shoulder imbalances
  • Lung and heart dysfunctions

The challenge of keeping horses in optimal form is inevitable, equipping yourself with the knowledge required to implement a welfare-centered solution is optional.

Equitopia provides equine professionals who believe in welfare centric horsemanship, a one-stop-shop for research-based online courses and resources that you can trust.

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Christy DiColla is an Equine Sports Therapist. Christy’s passion for horse wellness has led her to become an FEI approved equine sports therapist. With over two decades of experience, she has worked with Kentucky Derby race horses, Dressage and Jumpers up to Olympic level and 5 star eventers throughout the United States. Her expertise includes a range of bodywork modalities, such as myofascial kinetic line balancing, Electro-fascial stim, PEMF therapy, Reiki and joint mobilization.

Christy’s specialization in myofascial kinetic lines for both humans and horses has been blossoming since 2011. Her innovative bodywork therapies focus on balancing the ribs and myofascial network with her Neuro Fascial Conditioning nad RIB ENTRAPMENT Therapy techniques, effectively addressing neurofascial entrapments along these lines.

As an avid dressage rider and liberty enthusiast, Christy’s approach to equine wellness is centered around balancing horses’ mind, body and spirit. Her dedication to educating riders on equine wellness is her passion and commitment to do her part in making the world a better place for horses.

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Sample of feedback from part 1 of this webinar:

  • Christy is incredibly generous, well versed, a leader in the field, in person courses are outstanding, highly recommended.
  • This webinar was brilliant , it highlighted so many common things we see and why we see them
  • You had great visuals on your slides and made this issue easy to understand
  • Hi I am a qualified saddle fitter and instructor from England. I absolutely loved your presentation today I will definitely be keeping an eye out for your online course in the future.
  • Excellent presentation – the visuals on the slides help to understand a lot!
  • Thank you for blowing my mind with the connections I have personally made today
  • Fascinating thank you!!
  • Great clarification and confirmation of things that I sort of knew as a Masterson Method practitioner
  • The presentation was very good – clear, concise, relevant and to the point! Well done!
  • Very, very informative
  • This presentation is incredibly thorough! Well done and informative.
  • More, more, more please!!!
  • I would love more webinars like this it was brilliant
  • Absolutely love the quality learning you bring to us.
  • Thank you for continuing to share such great information.