Webinar: Bodies Never Lie




Bodies Never Lie! What can your horse’s body language tell you?

You’ll enjoy this presentation and conversation with Zefanja Vermeulen from Equinestudies, Netherlands which took place on 16th December 2020.

Zefanja’s background is as a freestyle trainer and haoptotherapist and she has mastered many forms of Equine therapy. She is a member of the Dutch-based Equinestudies group, which organizes lectures and courses based on the Equine Inside Out principle, addressing important questions like: “What life experiences has the horse gone through and how does it affect its body?” and “Is the horse physically able to do what we ask him to do?”.

In this presentation, Zefanja speaks about how to recognize problems in the horse’s body by observing them and their body language. She looks specifically at the case of a Grand Prix horse she has studied.

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