Yasmin Stuart is a UK-based Equine Physiotherapist specialised in rehabilitation, who has been passionate about horses all her life. Her interest in equine biomechanics developed from the age of 18 when she worked for and trained with a Classical dressage trainer. It was here that she learnt all about “correct” biomechanical function and training under saddle. Pursuing this for a number of years, whilst addressing her own musculoskeletal discomfort as a result of sub-optimal movement, Yasmin began to wonder how can we expect an animal to perform at his very best when his musculature is compromised? It was at this point that she enrolled in an Equine Physiotherapy diploma at the Berkshire College of Agriculture.

Yasmin qualified as an Equine Physiotherapist in 2016. Her practice came full circle when she noticed that most horses were compromised because of their lack of suitable training. It was here she found there was a gap in the industry for an Equine Physiotherapist who could facilitate the development of a healthy equine athlete with training and bodywork combined.

In order to to continue developing her own knowledge, Yasmin has and continues to regularly participate in courses to gather more skills within her practice, not just as a body worker but as a trainer too. She is passionate about empowering horse owners and riders to be the change that optimises their horse’s wellbeing.