Monique Craig has a bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in mathematics and physics and has worked in fields of computer simulation and AI. She became a farrier in 1998 because of hoof issues in her own horse. She set up her own software company, EponaTech, in 1999, followed by EponaShoe in 2004 and EponaMind in 2017.

Monique has published peer reviewed articles on the hoof and its morphometrics, and has authored a book on the hoof (A Modern Look at the Hoof – Morphology, Measurement, Trimming, Shoeing).

Monique lectures worldwide on hoof related topics and has published educational articles in equine magazines including: American Farrier Journal, The European Farrier Journal, Trail Blazer Magazine and Holistic Horse.

She is visiting scholar at CalPoly San Luis Obispo for the past 12 years.