Dr. Clifford was trained as a veterinarian in Germany, where she also completed a PhD in veterinary science. Working as a conventional vet, she got frustrated with the limits of the conventional medicine and started to look for more answers. One of the teachers of TCVM (Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine), Dr. Lothar Friese sparked her interest in this field and she was fortunate enough to work full time in his TCVM practice in Germany and to learn from him both through courses and on an everyday basis. Realizing the full potential of this medicine she gave up conventional medicine in 2011 to specialize in TCVM. She then also added veterinary chiropractic, neurological release techniques and osteopathic skills to her field of expertise.

The opportunity to work with some specialists in biomechanical medicine and Equine Orthopaedic Balance® lead Dr Lena to meet her future husband and moving to Australia, where their company Animal Biomechanical Solutions was founded. Dr Clifford is both working with rehab and lameness issues in the field on an everyday basis and travels around the world with her husband Darrall to deliver their 2-year post-graduate Diploma course in Equine Orthopaedic Balance®. She also has a special interest in the functional neurology of the equine and how this can improve the horse’s quality of life and their clients’ husbandry skills.