Helen is a fully qualified life coach, horsemanship instructor and secondary school teacher who lives in County Cork, Ireland. She is a member of the Association of Coaches, The British Psychological Society and a member of the Teaching Council. She holds two first class honours Master’s in Education and Coaching Psychology from University College Cork. She is also a fully qualified high scope teacher, the high scope curriculum prioritises student autonomy, active learning and problem solving. Furthermore, Helen has vast experience working with students with special educational needs and is passionate about access and inclusion within all educational spaces.

Helen specialises in the areas of confidence, resilience and problem solving. In her practice she uses a wide range of approaches including cognitive behavioural coaching, mindfulness, positive psychology and body work. Having suffered from confidence issues as a result of a fall in 2006 Helen has huge empathy and understanding for clients who find themselves dealing with confidence issues. Helen specialises in working with nervous horses and riders using an approach that is considerate and well informed. In order to continue developing her professional knowledge she continues to participate in both human and equine continuous professional development.

Helen has been around horses all her life and is passionate about lifelong learning and helping others achieve their equestrian dreams. Her signature coaching style is one of care and compassion.

Helen regularly contributes to a variety of equine publications and podcasts including the Horsemanship Journal and Natural Horseman saddles.


You can connect with Helen at https://www.helenohanloncoaching.com/ or follow Helen at https://www.instagram.com/helenohanloncoaching/?hl=en on Instagram.