In Conversation with Dr Alberto Rullan

In Conversation with Dr Alberto Rullan

Enjoy this interesting conversation between Equitopia podcaster Kaylie Hanson, and Dr. Alberto Rullan.

In 2017, Dr. Rullan founded Equine Performance Center. EPC is a comprehensive Equine Rehabilitation Facility in Ocala, FL. where horses have the chance via physical rehabilitation and regenerative therapies to return to athletic performance.

Here’s a short snippet of the conversation.

Kaylie asks Alberto if he sometimes finds that people are resistant to changing the way they work with their horse?

Alberto: A very, very, very high percentage of the time, but this is no surprise.  Let’s say your uncle had back pain… and he went to the chiropractor – went to the rehabilitation…and did great. However, he didn’t change his bed, didn’t change his chair at the office…  didn’t change the way he sat in the car…  didn’t change the way he put his wallet in the back of his pants, and didn’t change his gym routine. Does that sound about a very high percentage of the human population?

Kaylie: Yep. Yep.

Alberto: And horses are managed by a high percentage of the human population. So that’s why I think there is a resistance to change what what their horses do locally.

But I do think there is a new transformation I see in the last 15 years or so, where a lot of trainers are actually seeing that when they change the lifestyle of the horse after an injury, it also changes the lifespan of the horse and the athletic capability of the horse. I really think that’s changing.

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