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Thank you for purchasing this course: How to Recognize the 24 Behaviors indicating Pain in the Ridden Horse – Dr Sue Dyson

You are very welcome!

We hope that through the videos, quizzes, learning aids, downloadable materials, and practical exercises, this course will give you the tools you need to identify underlying pain-related problems even if they are not initially obvious. You will be able to use the knowledge gained through this course when you are assessing a horse which has presented because of poor performance, or when a horse is undergoing a pre-purchase examination. If you are a horse owner, it can help you detect pain early so that it can be put right before it becomes chronic and the horse starts to adapt its movement in other ways resulting in more problems. It will also help you to clarify if tension or unwillingness are behavior-related or pain-based behaviors.

This course has been developed through extensive research over two years involving six studies and 400 horses. We believe it will change the way we identify problems with our horses.


  • Recognize and describe facial features that occur more frequently in lame horses and non-lame horses
  • Recognize and describe the 24 behaviors which together may indicate underlying pain in the ridden horse
  • Recognize behaviors in a horse free of pain/sound horse
  • Develop a log of your horse’s behaviors to identify potential lameness
  • Identify the course of action to follow if pain is discovered

If you score over 70% in the quizzes in this course, you can download a free certificate and an electronic badge to share on your LinkedIn and social media profiles to show you have passed this course.