Finding Physical and Emotional Balance

Combining her deep knowledge of dressage and horsemanship with yoga, meditation and life coaching, Carla helps riders and horse owners have a more balanced relationship both in and out of the saddle. Carla created the program “Conscious and Balanced Riding” to help riders find mental and physical alignment with their horse. Harmony and joy find their expression in this style of riding. Conscious and Balanced Riding is the training method for owners who want to improve their centering, balance, awareness and flexibility while improving the strength, health, mental and physical balance of their horses. Riders at all levels – from beginners to trainers – find support and new ideas on how to improve their skills and techniques. Carla’s goal is to develop an individual solution which makes learning the techniques fun and enjoyable for both you and your horse. Through an atmosphere of mutual trust, learning happens in a relaxed and effective way. Check to Carla’s website

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