Caring for Horses after a Visit from the Dentist- Part 1

In this first part of a three-part blog post, Katja Porenta EEBW, explains how taking a few minutes to give some attention to some small muscles after a dental check up can help your horse experience less discomfort and recover faster.
Part 1 may be accessed by everyone; parts 2 and 3 are open to everyone signed up to the Equitopia membership program.

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Correct posture of the horse riders upper body

Correct Posture of the Horse Rider’s Upper Body – Part 1

Horses are very sensitive to the slightest changes in our voice, body, weight and even our muscle tone and breathing. In this first of a two-part blog post, Alja Kisilak discusses how to teach horses to change direction, slow down, stop, and perform other behaviors simply by adjusting our body and breathing.

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Training Young Horses_Gerd Heuschmann


In this post, Dr Gerd Heuschmann explains why the first step to training a young horse is establishing a friendship and why only a saddle, a snaffle bit, a soft rein, a friendly hand and a good seat are needed in classical training.

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Handedness in Horses: How to Determine your Horse’s Laterality

How to Determine your Horse’s Laterality

Just like people, a horse may be either right or left “handed”. In quadrupeds this is known as forelimb dominance or laterality. In this post, Ann Ramsey explains why knowing your horse’s forelimb dominance will help explain his overall posture and behavior patterns.

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Equitopia clinics - what's so special?

Equitopia Clinics – what’s so special?

Equitopia clinics aren’t just sessions with a trainer – they involve a team of experts working together to enable each horse and rider to reach their full potential. If you feel you’re not getting the best results for you and your horse – this post might be just what you need.

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The importance of choice for your horse

The importance of choice for your horse

Have you ever wondered if the decisions we make on behalf of our horses might affect their behavior and temperament? In this post, equine behaviorist, Justine Harrison, writes about how controlling what and when our horses eat; where they go; who they socialize with etc., can all have an impact on their behavior, outlook and even their health. If you are interested in learning some simple tips about how to give your horse choices, then you’ll love this post.

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Help! My Horse needs Reeducating - Part 1

Help! My Horse needs Reeducating – Part 1

Finding long-term solutions to behavioural issues or pain-related problems through re-education can be quite daunting. Where do you start? What are the steps to helping your horse become healthier and happier?
In this 3-part post, UK trainer, Yasmin Stuart explains how to get started on the process, and what to expect along the way.
Part 1 is open to everyone. Parts 2 and 3 are open to everyone signed up to Equitopia’s membership program. Non-members welcome to sign up here:

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How much does a horse cost

How Much Does a Healthy Horse Cost? – Part 1

In part 1 of a two-part blog post, Esther Berger from EquiSmart in the Netherlands sets out to raise awareness about the cost of breeding and training young horses. She asks the question ‘How much does a healthy, young, sustainably trained and kept sport horse cost?’ and explains in detail the cost of each step involved. For anyone considering purchasing a horse, this is a must read piece.

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working in an equine team to look after horses


Yasmin Stewart, along with other members of Equitopia’s European team provided a clinic in Kildare, Ireland last month. In this post, Yasmin reflects on the clinic and on the Equitopia approach of working as a team which benefits horses and riders, but also allows professionals to cultivate an environment where the whole team can develop and grow together.

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