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The Equine Neck as an Indicator of Good (or Bad) Training: Part 1

The equine neck is a complex structure that plays a vital role in healthy biomechanics. Its development can tell us a lot about the horse’s training. Read this first of a 3-part series on the neck – part 1 is open to everyone – parts 2 and 3 are for everyone signed up to the Equitopia membership program.

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Riding with length in the neck

Read about Sada Shiva – an 8-year old Dutch Warmblood mare who was scheduled to be sent to a trader because she had become explosive when ridden. We have been documenting our work with Sada Shiva in the past year.

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The connection between horse and rider equitopia

Understanding the Connection between Horse and Rider

Does your horse have a tense jaw? Is it hard to get him to go forward? In this post, Wendy Murdoch explains why understanding the connection between horse and rider is so important and offers some simple exercises you can do to help address this issue.

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The Trainer

It’s not always easy to know the best way to look after yourself and your horse! Each month, Caroline Hegarty,…
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Developing the “Natural Go” in the Young Riding Horse

Lotta Katrina Hinz, professional classic dressage instructor from Germany and Susanne Alloush, professional social worker /pedagogue and riding pedagogue discuss how to develop the ‘natural go’ in a young riding horse where our goal is to develop his natural desire to go forward.

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Back Pain in Horses

Katja Porenta – equine bodyworker from Slovenia – discusses back pain in horses and offers some tips to help with this issue which unfortunately often goes unnoticed by riders.

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