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Working on Rein-Back with your Horse

Slovenian trainer, Alja Kisilak, writes about working on rein-back exercise with your horse. She offers some tips on how to get it right and warns about some common mistakes that can cause damage to you and your horse.

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Saddle Advice for You and your Horse - Part 1

Saddle Advice for You and your Horse – Part 1

Saddle Advice for You and your Horse is a 3-part post by Georgie Welge offering a wealth of advice and practical tips on how to reap the rewards of a better seat, better quality movement and a happier horse by having a properly fitting saddle.

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50% Discount on All Online Courses

The Equitopia membership program gives equestrians access to all sorts of invaluable content about improving health, welfare and performance of your horse. As we hear about more and more canceled appointments, postponed events and fewer bookings for many of us, we are offering a 50% off all our online courses until 29th March.

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Yoga for equestrians equitopia

Yoga for Equestrians

In this post, Gabrielle Diakon explains how yoga can not only help with mental well being but can also help equestrians to strengthen the core and improve flexibility.

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