Coordinating Body, Mind and Movement

Stuart J. Bell has a masters degree in science and specializes in structural balance and movement for horse and rider. He helps horses and humans move, communicate and perform better, separately and together, by relieving chronic structural limitations, pain and injuries through postural and fascial balancing, education and alignment work. Stuart has over 30 years of experience working with people using modalities such as the Alexander Technique, Hellerwork Structural Integration, Feldenkrais, PNF, Joint Mobilization, Myo-Fascial release, Yoga, Energy work, Emotions and Body Breath work as well as classical Osteopathic techniques. His equine modalities include: Chris Irwin and Linda T Jones “T-Touch” work, Joseph Freeman’s Equine Natural Movement, structural-fascial re-balancing, and Pete Ramey natural hoof care. Stuart is based out of Point Richmond, CA. Contact Stuart at:

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