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Karen Loshbaugh has been involved with horses for 40 years, competing in Western, Hunter/Jumper and currently Dressage. She is a Certified Saddle Ergonimist ( a step beyond a “saddlefitter” since she is specifically trained in how saddle fit effects the movement and position of horse and rider ) and a Classical Foundation Trainer.

The longer I am involved with horses I realize more and more how much they teach us. The biggest roadblock for most people is how to listen to horses and to understand their level of communication and ability. The other dilemma is finding trustworthy information.

Classical Foundation Training is a systematic gymnastic process that is applicable to all disciplines – the basic principle is how to get the horse to engage the back and connect over the topline. This allows the horse to carry the rider in the most efficient and comfortable manner, allowing the horse to go forward and remain supple, relaxed and non-resistive.

The saddle is one of the most important interface between the horse and rider. It is either your horse’s best friend or worst enemy. Correct saddle fit encourages your horse to use his topline and allows for freedom of movement and suppleness – a foundation block for Classical training. A poorly fitting saddle restricts your horse’s ability to perform and develop, often the cause of mild to severe behavioral issues and the potential for long term damage.

“We owe it to these magnificent, prideful, generous creatures to treat them with respect, fairness and understanding – to become a leader worth following. It is the horse owner’s responsibility to educate themselves by relying on science, research, common sense and finding the best equine professionals possible that are willing to be a united front and put the horse first above all else.”

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  • Certified Saddle Ergonimist
  • Classical Foundation Trainer servicing Southern California
  • Owner of Art2Ride Saddlery
  • Co-owner of Art2Ride, a “Classical Foundation Training” facility

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